also on that note I have found through video games and animes I’ve watched recently I have a thing for redheads, be it natural red head like orange hair or hair dyed crimson red or anything in between. just. ugh. and especially cute redheads boys. AND REDHEADED GIRLS. swoons at felicia day, Scarlett Johansen, and Emma stone (occasionally she’s a redhead)

I know what started it for me was Run Lola Run and 5th Element, red heads ftw



I really don’t get why people complain about video game characters with huge boobs. Really, have you seen them? They’re hilarious when they bounce and jiggle, it’s just too funny to watch!

Best one was the most recent DOA volleyball game, you watch it and its almost comical with the advanced boob physics engine lol



Anita has literally said she doesn’t play video games
uses stolen footage and art
and ya’ll is like “i don’t see it”

Kinda reminds me, if true, about GTA IV when M.A.D.D. (mothers against drunk driving) got super pissed about how you could drink and drive in it. They never played it just herd about it. If you played it you would never want to drive let alone walk drunk because of how much of a huge pain in the ass it is. In no way am I saying her viewpoints about games are untrue, some game are pretty bad just like some movies are horrible.